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Improve your talent search

Find the best tech talent in record time.

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Access to specialized IT talent

Focus on IT sector provides access to a wide range of professionals with specialized technical skills.

More efficient recruiting processes

Allows recruiters to quickly and easily create and publish job offers, optimizing the recruitment process.

Reduced hiring time and costs

Streamlining the recruitment process and providing access to qualified candidates can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with hiring.

Transparency and privacy in selection process

Focus on privacy ensures candidate's personal information is shared only after recruiter's acceptance, ensuring a fair and confidential selection process.

Coverage of all IT specialties

From software development to cybersecurity, including UX/UI, we cover all areas of IT specialization. No matter what your need is, Neboolar has the candidate you are looking for.


Standardization of information with the fields and taxonomies demanded by the sector.

How it works?

Create job

Use our advanced form with pre-configured fields to build your job offer quickly and easily.

Recommended professionals

Our algorithm will send a recommendation for your job to those IT professionals compatible with the configuration of your offer.

Share your offer

Send an invitation link to your job offer to IT professionals you find outside of Neboolar.


Once an IT professional applies or accepts your job offer, you can contact them and download their complete resume.

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Choose how to highlight your job offer

Public job offer

Your job will be displayed on our public jobs page, where IT professionals will be able to view and filter jobs similar to yours and apply for them.

Private job offer

Only IT professionals with whom you have shared it or who know the URL will be able to apply for your job.

Post job

We adapt to your needs

At Neboolar, we understand that each professional has unique needs in the management of job offers. That is why we offer you two specialised options:

Company account

Perfect for professionals who manage job offers for a single company. Perfect for strengthening and centralising recruitment in your organisation.

Headhunter account

Designed for professionals who manage job offers for multiple companies. This option is your ally to diversify and expand employment opportunities.