Find the best IT Talent in record time

IT professionals who fit perfectly with your job offer.


Aspectos destacados

Quick and easy screening

Our platform simplifies the screening process for IT professionals, meaning you can identify the best talent quickly, saving time and resources.

Coverage of all IT specialties

From software development to cybersecurity, including UX/UI, we cover all areas of IT specialization. No matter what your need is, Neboolar has the candidate you are looking for.


Standardization of information with the fields and taxonomies demanded by the sector.

Guaranteed compatibility

By using the same preconfigured fields we ensure that job offers align perfectly with the profiles of IT professionals.

How it works?

Once you publish your job offer...

Active job for 30 days

Your job posting will be available for IT professionals to view and apply for a period of 30 days. After that time, the offer will expire and will no longer be visible or available.

Recommended professionals

Our algorithm will send a recommendation for your job to those IT professionals compatible with the configuration of your offer.

Send invitations

Send an invitation to your job to those IT professionals recommended by the platform who are compatible with the configuration of your offer.

Share your offer

Send an invitation link to your job offer to IT professionals you find outside of Neboolar.


Once an IT professional applies or accepts your job offer, you can contact them and download their CV.

Job configuration template

Choose the visibility you want to give to your job offer

Public job offer

Public jobs will appear in our job search engine from where IT professionals can search and filter similar jobs.

Private job offer

Private jobs will only be visible to those professionals selected by our algorithm who fit the established configuration of your offer or those with whom you have shared their URL.


We adapt to your needs

Company account

For those professionals who manage job offers for a single company.

Headhunter account

For those professionals who manage job offers for multiple companies.